Supply Chain Innovations, LLC

Improving Supply Chain and Sales Performance
Interim/Outsourced VP Sales

Partner with someone that has the expertise and capability to bring
solutions and services to the market faster, more efficient, and with higher profits.
  • SCI will begin with a thorough assessment of your sales/marketing capabilities, goals, and performance. Provide a Statement of Work to address some or all of the following:
    • Sales plan, or if required a Sales/Marketing Plan
    • Sales Process design specific to the client's business and markets served
    • Sales compensation review, design, and implementation to achieve required revenue goals
    • Weekly sales meetings with sales team to provide coaching, pipeline management and focus
    • Make joint sales calls with sales team on strategic opportunities
    • Assess/Profile sales talent to achieve a high performing sales team
    • CRM selection, implementation, and training if CRM is not in place
    • Recruit and on board new sales team members as needed
    • Profile, recruit and on board permanent sales leadership
    • Channel recruitment, as needed and defined
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